Política de Cookies

Cookies Policy


This Website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files generated by the web pages you visit, which contain the session data that can be useful later in the website. In this way this Web remembers information about your visit, which can facilitate your next visit and make the website more useful.

Cookies can only store text, usually always anonymous and encrypted. No personal information is ever stored in a cookie, or can be associated with identified or identifiable person.The data allow this website to keep your information between the pages, and also to discuss how to interact with the website. Cookies are safe because they can only store information that is put there by the browser, which is information the user entered in the browser or included in the page request. You can not run the code and can not be used to access your computer. If a website encrypts cookie data, only the website can read the information.

Types of Cookies:

According whoever the generator cookie can distinguish two types:

  • Own.
  • Third-party cookies.

According to the timeline remain stored:

  • Session cookies.
  • Persistent cookies.

Depending on the purpose of the data:

  • Technical cookies.
  • Customization cookies.
  • Analysis cookies.
  • Advertising cookies.
  • Behavioral advertising cookies.

Here, we provide information about what cookies using this website as well as how to control their management and how to completely eliminate them.

Cookies to use this website:

This website uses Google cookie Anaylitics. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google Inc. and collects information about which pages of the website have been consulted, at what time, what browser, etc. Subsequently, this information is sent to Google servers Inc. in the United States. We also use cookies on our own website, with the sole aim to keep browsing preferences of each user, and a smoother experience. We do not collect personal information nigún type

Google Analytics__utmaIs used to distinguish users and sessions.2 years
Google Analytics__utmbIs used to determine new sessions / visits.30 min
Google Analytics__utmcThis cookie operates in conjunction with the same purpose as the cookie __ UTMB.Session
Google Analytics__utmzStores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user arrived at your site.6 months
Google Analytics__utmvis used to store data level custom variable visitor.2 years
Google Analytics_gaUsed to distinguish users2 years
Nuestra webokcookiesNotice and visitor preferences regarding cookies1 year
Our webcurrencyRemember visitor preferences regarding currency selection30 days
Our weblanguageRemember visitor preferences regarding choice of language30 days
Our webPHPSESSIDSession in storeSession

Accept Cookies:

Our site assumes that you accept the use of cookies.

However, information about your cookies policy is shown with each login in order to make you aware. Given this information it is possible to perform the following:

  • Accept cookies. It will not return to visualize this ad to access any portal page for this session.
  • Continue browsing without explicitly accept cookies notice. In this case we understand that implicitly accepts the use of cookies.
  • Continue surfing modifying your browser settings. This way you can accept or reject cookies particular way you want.
  • Close. You can close the page if you do not agree with the use delas indicated cookies.

How you can manage cookies in the browser?

The user can manage cookies installed on your computer by configuring your browser options. Here s how you can change the configuration options cookies in the leading browsers for PC version. If you use other browsers or platforms, please see the documentation provided by the developer of the browser. The information shown here is for configuration for existing versions at the time of the preparation of this documentation. Instructions may differ in future versions of browsers. In this case, please refer to the corresponding section of the developer support.

To set the permissions associated with cookies on the Google Chrome browser:

  • Click on the menu in the toolbar .  
  • Select Settings .  
  • Click on Show Advanced Options .  
  • In the Privacy click on the Content Settings button .  
  • In the Cookies can configure .

Learn more about Google Chrome.

To set the permissions associated with cookies on Mozilla Firefox browser:

  • At the top of the Firefox window click on the Tools menu .  
  • Select Options .  
  • Select the panel Privacy .  
  • In the Firefox option can choose Use custom settings for history to configure .

Learn more about Mozilla Firefox.

To set permissions related to cookies in Internet Explorer:

  • At the top of the Internet Explorer window click on the Tools menu .  
  • Go to Security tab and use the Delete browsing history to delete cookies .

Learn more about Internet Explorer.

If you block the use of cookies on your browser may cause some services or functionality of the website may not be available.